Love for others is the inevitable result of knowing and loving God. We love others sacrificially in order that they might come to know God's love through us and make Jesus Christ their first love. This priority undergirds our compassion and missions ministries. 

Some ways you can be involved in the missions endeavors of Poplar Springs are to :

  • Participate in one or more of our Missions Opportunities.
  • Provide encouragment and financial support for our fellow workers on the mission field. 
  • Pray for missionaries as they serve Christ and share Christ's truth and love. 

Our fellow workers

Missionary families sent from Poplar Springs serving Christ and sharing the good news throughout the world.

  • our missionary family in asia

    We have a missionary family serving and establishing churches among the least reached in Asia. They serve to cultivate Christ-honoring transformation in communities where Christ is yet to be worshiped. Because of the sensitive area in which they serve we can not share their names.

    Pray for open doors to share Christ. Pray they can share the Word without hindrance.

    Pray for boldness. Pray for their protection.

    Pray they would grow spiritually and they would keep their focus on Christ and not anything else. 

  • pascal & becky grenade

    Serving in mauritius with global faith mission agency

    God has placed a desire in the hearts of the Grenades to work with and serve the people on the Island of Mauritius. While serving in Mauritius their goal is to build and edify the church through evangelism and discipleship church planting and counseling. They also hope to teach in/start a Bible Institute to help equip national pastors and to promote doctrinal precision. 

    If you would like to donate to the ministry of Pascal & Becky, you may do so by clicking here.

  • dave & vickie hawkins

    Serving with International biblical training in chattanooga, tn

    We have served Christ in three churches where Dave was on staff (New Hampshire & New Jersey), at Precept Ministries, Chattanooga, with Caribbean Ministries Association, and now with International Biblical Training.

    Throughout our married lives, we have striven to have a Christ-centered home as this was how we viewed our Christianity, as well as the Bible’s instructions toward family life.  We raised our family having a keen sense of our own sinfulness, but an ever-deepening appreciation for Christ’s redemption and the life to which we were called.  

    We are passionate about shepherding God’s people with His all-sufficient Word for as long as God gives life and vitality.

    If you would like to donate towards the ministry of Dave & Vickie you may do so by clicking here. 

  • eric & Kimberly holland

    serving in clarkston, ga

    Eric and Kimberly's desire is to make Jesus Christ the First Love of All Peoples by Going and Telling those who haven't heard. They are involved in cross-cultural ministry among unreached peoples in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

    To participate financially with a one-time or monthly gift click here.

    To learn more about their ministry go to www.gotell1040.com

  • chris & joy petty

    serving with sim,usa in charlotte, nc

    If you would like to donate to the ministry of Chris and Joy you may do so by clicking here. All gifts are tax deductible. 

    To follow their journey Click Here

  • Preston & Anna Russell

    serving with international student inc. in dallas, tx

    Anna and her husband Preston’s goal is to serve God wherever He leads. God first drew her to International student ministry in Chicago, IL at Loyola University. This is where she fell in love with the opportunity to serve God in reaching the nations in this unique way. He has now opened the door to continue serving the nations through International student ministry full-time with ISI in Dallas, TX. Anna sees this as a gift and a privilege and wishes she could sit down with a cup of coffee or tea with all who partner with her to share stories, hear about their lives, and thank them!

    Thank you again for being a part of fulfilling the great commission in Dallas, TX. If you would like to donate towards the ministry of Anna, you may do so by clicking here.  

  • Mike & Susie Helton

    serving with refugee sewing society in clarkston, ga

    Susie serves as the director of the Refugee Sewing Society, a non-profit ministry that serves refugee women who have been resettled in Clarkston, GA. They provide a safe space for them to learn and build relationships; receive skills training in sewing, jewelry making, crochet, and knitting; and an opportunity to earn income from sales of their products. By using the bridge of sewing and handcrafts, they are building relationships that lead to Gospel conversations and sharing the love and hope that we have in Jesus Christ. 

    To support and learn more about the ministry of the Refugee Sewing Society you may do so by clicking here.